You've chosen your new baby, possibly a Blue, and you are sitting in your kitchen
watching him as he comes out of his carrier, slinks across the floor, and disappears
under the vegetable basket.  His cries all the way home are still ringing in your ears.

Is this the same little baby you saw in his first home, bouncing off the walls and
tearing around the room chasing anything that moves with uninhibited
recklessness?  Yup, that's him.

You sit there quietly, talking soothingly to the baby in the hopes that he will come
out and chase a bit of fluff that just tumbled across the floor in a draft.


You dish out one of his favourite treats that I recommended, trying to coax the baby
out to sample the best of the best cuisine money can buy from the mountain of
special tidbits you've spent a fortune on.

Nothing.  Sometimes for hours, nothing.
You've got what is called 'a
case of the Blue's'.
British Shorthair cats are wonderful family pets, but sometimes it can take
a little while for them to achieve that grand status.  The 'Blue's' are well
known for their beauty, their cuddly teddy-bear looks, and their tendency to
be rather particular, or slow, to accept some situations.  Many are renowned
for being very independ
ent creatures of habit, and seekers of routine.

The Blue's take their time in getting to know you, sometimes to a very
frustrating degree.  They like to do things in their own time and in their own
way.  The best way to a Blue's heart, is through food and play.  Treats such
as D
reamies treats (cheese flavour!) that you can buy in shops are a sure way
entice your shy kitten to look forward to seeing you come into the room.
Please don't worry about 'unhealthy treats' for your kitten at this stage, it
will not hurt him and he is well used to his daily treats in his previous home.

Once a Blue has decided he will accept you as a friend though, I'm afraid
that you will have a friend for life in your Blue cat, who will not leave you
alone for a moment and will crave your attention in every wakeful hour.

Some Blue cats will sit by your side on the arm of the sofa, or curl up next to
you.  If you try to force him to sit on your lap though, unless its his own
idea, he will turn his back on you and go sit somewhere else.  Other's can
make a mockery of that last statement and toast your lap for as long as you
Finally, Blue creeps out, thinking no one is watching him.  He tiptoes
across the kitchen floor, sniffing each inch before he places the next foot
down, and catches a whiff of his food... oh my, that smells just like
home!  You can feel your heart starting to swell with desire to pick this
little baby up and cuddle him and listen to him purr, and you resist the
temptation... he's so sweet, and oh, he looks hungry, and hmmm, when
did he last use a litter tray?

Nearly there... and you make a slight move to brush a fly out of your
field of vision to see your little Blue all the better....

... and he's gone!

Make yourself very comfortable, have a cup of tea, get a good book to
read, and just let him get used to seeing you there not bothered with him
at all.  You could leave the room for awhile and let him just get used to
the new sights and smells that are filling him with ... yes, curiosity now,
not fear.  He will explore the room, get to know it, and eventually feel
easier there.  When you come back in, you might find him in another
place... watching you, but not hiding this time.

Remember this day, it will never be like this again.  Next time you leave
the room, he may cry for you to come back.
Within a week, a shy kitten has already realised that
you are his source of food and comfort.  It may take
a little longer for him to trust that when you are
there with him all will be safe around him too.  As
he is still very young, these are all new experiences
he is going through with you, so be patient with
him, sooth him with gentle voice, encourage him to
play, and before long you will wonder that he was
ever a shy kitten at all.
Now as you are sitting there having your cup of tea with him on day
ONE of his arrival, know that within just a few days he will learn to love
you.  You will be his new 'mum'.  Until then he will be missing his mum
and brothers and sisters, and he will feel very vulnerable without their
presence.  When he learns to trust and love you, all that love he had for
his mum will be transferred to you.
Marvel in the knowledge that Blue has chosen YOU !  Each day, your relationship will grow and grow.
That's a promise.
Some kittens of all breeds and
colours can be shy.
Little things could scare Blue