Information on Kittens,
Making Reservations
Please read all the following carefully, as I reply
to all email enquiries, and you may find the
answer to your question in this section.
Information on Kittens:
Kittens begin their lives in my bedroom, graduate to our living room at 3 weeks, then come into the study and kitchen during the busy
times of the day.  At 6 weeks old, if the weather is fine, they have a large secure play area outside where they can enjoy the
sunshine.  The kittens are not used to dogs, but if your dog is already used to having a feline companion, I'm sure a kitten would
adjust quickly to a kitty friendly pup.

All are fully vaccinated including for Leukaemia.  All are litter trained, deflead, wormed and come with free 4 weeks Pet Plan
insurance.  They will have a 4 generation pedigree, a vaccination and treatment record card, diet sheet, and general information
sheet.  Kittens are ready for new homes at 13 weeks of age.  All are put on the non-active register and so are non-breeding
companion pets only.  I do not export kittens at this time.  No re-homing of the kittens will be completed via e-mail or through 3rd
parties as surprise presents for loved ones.  You must speak to me personally, and I have to assess that my kittens are going to the
best homes that I think they possibly can.  As you can tell from all this, I really do love each and every little one that comes into my
life, and I am only looking out for the welfare of my charges and taking my responsibilities seriously.  Most people, I find, do
appreciate this, and know they can trust a breeder with such priorities.  I'm not scarey!  So please feel free to talk to me if you have
any queries or concerns.

Kitten visits may begin when the kittens are 6 weeks old.  I feel that before this time, the risks of bringing in infection is too
great, particularly if you have a cat at home already.  I also make use of my webcam regularly for those who would like to see the
kittens and mothers before the visiting age has been reached.  Photo's are also sent regularly during the early weeks.

All kittens may be reserved by a small deposit which is NON REFUNDABLE.  A kitten is not considered yours though, until full and
final payment is cleared upon collection of the kitten.  No final payment by cheque is accepted unless the payment is received a full 7
working days before the kitten leaves the premises. All deposits are non-refundable, unless for some unforeseen circumstances, either
a kitten is unable to be provided, or I have exercised my right to withdraw the kitten .  All kittens have had two thorough veterinary
checks, clearing them as 100%  healthy as far as these very experienced vets can tell.  If a kitten is not 100% healthy at the time
collection is due, the kitten cannot leave my premises until it has been cleared at its next veterinary check.  If there is anything wrong
with a kitten, a 100% refund will be given, and the kitten will not be sold.  After a kitten leaves my premises, it will be insured with
Pet Plan in case anything does crop up over the next 4 weeks (for free).  After this time, all kittens are considered viable and healthy
and no refund will be given for any illness that could not have been foreseen in the future.  This is why I always stress the
importance of taking out full, comprehensive annual insurance.  Read the small print of your policy as the cheapest is seldom the best

I give each and every kitten all my love and care and cherish each one as if it were to stay with me for the rest of its life.  
Knowing this, I ask that when you are making your initial enquiry, please tell me a little about yourself and the home environment
you will be able to offer one of my kittens to save you and me time.  It is my policy to be fair to everyone, to deal with each serious
enquiry on a 'first come first served basis'.  This means that those that offer the home environment information to begin with, are
most likely to be given priority on kitten availability as it saves time in communication by email.

NOTES ABOUT NEUTERING YOUR KITTEN:  (added October 30, 2009) for clarification.

All my kittens are sold on the NON ACTIVE REGISTER.  This means that the kitten has been sold to you as a companion pet only
must not be used for breeding purposes.  All female kittens must be neutered at about 6 months of age.  Males must be done at
the same age or younger if purchased with a female kitten.  Males may be left unneutered until 9 months of age only if they are
indoors only pets and not allowed outside (and not spraying in your home!).  This will allow for further hormonal muscle and growth
of your boy. Please discuss this simple operation with your vet.

I have found that some people are ignoring my advice above, and are allowing their cat to have litters of 1/2 bred pedigree kittens, or
are seeking out a breeder willing to let them mate their girl with a pedigree British Shorthair boy to produce a litter of purebred British
kittens so they can make more money from them.  Be aware that you cannot register the prodigy of any mating that may occur.   
You will be required to sign a declaration contract stating you agree to have your cat spayed or castrated by the age of 6 months.

Please try to understand that these measures are necessary to protect my good name (which is on each kittens pedigree) as a
responsible breeder, along with the other breeders registered cats in your kittens ancestry on the pedigree who I know personally, and
that I am also trying to protect the prodigy of the careful breeding program that we all are undertaking.  My responsibility is strongly
geared towards breeding British Shorthair cats to GCCF standards, and only cats that are up to that standard are ever considered
acceptable to pass on their genes to the next generation of Suntrek British Shorthair cats.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I can be phoned on weekends between 9am and 8:30 pm, and ask politely that no calls be made after 8:30pm.  On weekdays, I can
be phoned between 1:15 and 1:45pm, except for Wednesdays when I will be available all day.  Again, please no calls after 8:30pm.
If I am unable to answer the phone, please leave a message on the answerphone, and please speak clearly.. sometimes people talk too
fast when leaving their number and the machine just doesn't pick it up.
01798  813765
SUNTREK is a GCCF registered cattery
SUNTRECK is a TICA registered cattery
(Same cattery, different name
as per The International Cat Association regulations)
Before reserving a kitten, please be 100% sure that no family members are allergic.
Also, if you intend letting your new cat outside when you live near a road, there is
no need to read any further or make enquiries.